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How To Gain Independence Selling Avon South Africa

Many women searching to earn an independent living are joining Avon South Africa as representatives.

After the end of apartheid, the racism and sexism tendencies still left remnants of what was by the statistics of unemployment. South Africa has the highest in the world.

One in four working-age people are unable to find a job and black women are often at the bottom of the economic pile.

So Avon’s allure is perhaps unsurprising. It offers women without formal qualifications, often single mothers who don’t receive maintenance, a stab at financial independence. – Penny Dale reported on bbc.co.uk

This is why there are a lot of women there turning to Avon to make money.  According to 2011 reports, Avon has an increase in sales in South Africa at almost 30% as opposed to only 1% globally.

So if you are in South Africa and looking to earn money, Avon is something worth you going after.

How To Earn A Good Living Selling Avon In South Africa

Right now, women selling Avon in South Africa are doing so by street soliciting and talking to their friends and family. But what if I told you that you could actually put your product in front of millions and sell it that way?


By taking your business and putting it online… and I don’t mean by sending your clients in South Africa to your mlm opportunity avon south africacorporate website.

I mean by setting up your own website, and writing about the products you sell. Then you can start attracting customers that are looking for your products by the words you write.

As you know, everyone and there baby is online.

When they go online to search for that product, then you can have compelling words to entice them to buy what they are already looking for and you can then get them to join Avon and purchase your products even if they don’t live in South Africa.

What To Do Once You Join Avon South Africa

After you join Avon South Africa, you need to learn all that you can about your product. Then you need to set up your own website apart from the corporate site that they give you.

Then you need to start blogging about your Avon business. Talk about how you got started and why. Talk about what Avon will do for you in South Africa.

Once your money starts rolling in, you need to talk about how you have financial freedom and are able to take care of your family because of your Avon South Africa business.

Just make sure you inform your visitors that they don’t have to live in South Africa to make money with Avon. Although it seems obvious to you, it may not be to your visitors.

Be Fierce, Not Fearful

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