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Why I Joined The Affiliate Marketing Companies I’m In

When most beginners start out with online marketing, affiliate marketing and/or network marketing, they are unsure what programs they should join. They don’t know if they should pick a product based on their own likes, if someone they know is in that program or should they base their decision on how well they know the product.

I am going to tell you…

The number one factor to choosing an affiliate marketing product to sell should be based on how well that product sells!

If you ever learned about picking a Clickbank product to sell as an affiliate the first thing you are taught is to check the gravity. If it is over 100 then that means other affiliates are making money from that product which then means it is a product that sells.

Smart affiliates never waste their time on products that don’t fail. It doesn’t matter if their family members are a part of it or if it’s something they like to do.

The fact of the matter remains that you sell products that are already selling.

This is exactly why I am an affiliate of Empower Network and Pure Leverage!

Am I a fan of all the hype and hippie talk that surrounds the EN brand… not really.

But I am a fan of making money and it is a proven fact that despite everything that is going on around Empower Network, it’s a great product that sells.


The same goes for Pure Leverage. Now fortunately there is not a lot of hype that surrounds this product because Joel Therien is a more subtle type of guy :D.

But the fact still remains the same… they both sell.

So much so, that I am in two separate free “multi income” sites that were created by two different multi millionaire affiliates, and they both have these two affiliate marketing products within them.

20 Minute Payday has EN, Pureleverage and DotcomSecrets X and Ez Money Network has EN, GVO, and Pureleverage…

And mind you GVO and Pureleverage are both created by Joel.

I also understand that because of the negative lash Empower Network received on the web, it became a turn off for many. But you have to understand that there is no way for you to prevent every person from doing the dumb ass things like spamming their links. Especially when the program grew to over 100,000 people in record time.

It actually should have been expected.

With that said, don’t allow the idiotic actions of a few idiots deter you from making the true money you desire and deserve.

Over 170,000 people can’t be wrong (100,000 EN members and 70,000 Pureleverage members), especially when you have true respected affiliate millionaires also being a part of these two programs.

Don’t like the hype, don’t be a part of it. You can sell the programs in the background just as I do.

Be Fierce, Not Fearful.
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