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Why Facebook Marketing Campaigns Can Be Complicated

When you are just starting to use Facebook marketing campaigns, you will discover that it can be sort of complicated.

Now it is very easy to contact people, talk to them and learn what they are about. However, because Facebook is now trying to make it their business to profit off of everything you do, they now made a system that ranks how often you participate on the site.

By this ranking, they then decide who can see your posts that you put on either your profile page or your facebook marketing campaigns frustrationfanpage and you find that not many people are seeing them. This can become very frustrating.

The rankings, which is called Edgerank, is something like Google’s algorithm. They decide who your close friends are and who should get your news feeds.

If you do not participate often, not many of your fans or friends will see the posts that you make unless you pay Facebook to promote the post.

Why People Get Discouraged By Facebook Marketing Campaigns

I’m not going to lie to you. With all the other things we have to do as marketers, no one wants to sit at their computer spending a lot of time doing Facebook marketing campaigns all day just to prove to FB that their posts are relevant enough to be shown to a lot of people.

Nor do we want to have to pay to get our posts viewed neither.

Because there are so many politics involved with Facebook marketing now, many people don’t even want to bother with it at all…

To be honest…

Sometimes I feel the same way. I feel like the only time I need to be bothered with Facebook is if I am going to pay to run some ads to different campaigns.

Because unfortunately, that is the only time it makes sense to me.

I never was a Facebook fanatic. Even on my personal page, I don’t post all the time. I’m barely on it…

You don’t know how many text messages or phone calls I get telling me they sent me a friend request a month ago and I didn’t accept it, lol.

Then I have to explain that Facebook does not run my life and therefore, I am not on there all the time.

Not even when I’m trying to make money from it.

The Preferred Facebook Marketing Campaign Technique

Yes you can get a lot of leads for free using Facebook marketing campaigns when you get a lot of friends on your profile page (and Facebook is making that difficult by preventing you to friend strangers) and start talking with them one on one.

But this takes a lot of time and effort. This requires you to be on Facebook at least for an hour or more and I’m just not beat for that.

I’d rather set up a Facebook marketing campaign ad that I set and forget…

facebook marketing campaigns

Well I don’t really forget it because I need to watch its performance to make sure it is being profitable. But I only do that here and there.

If you are ready to run Facebook marketing campaigns but you don’t have money to run ads then be prepared to spend a lot of time on Facebook.

Start friending people in your market by checking out Fanpages related to your niche and send other members friend requests.

Once they become your friend, then you can talk to them. Find out what they do and if they like it. Once they ask what you do, then you talk about your business.

If you do have some money, then I advise you to learn how to set up Facebook marketing campaign ads and get them going.

It requires so much less time and effort, but if you don’t know what you are doing, it can become a bit pricey.

Which ever you decide, just do something.

Take action now!

Be Fierce, Not Fearful.

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