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Where’s Waldo?… No!… Where’s My Former Network Marketing Sponsor?

I still remember attending the network marketing home party…

I had received a phone call from my brother telling me his ex, Lorraine, was having a gathering about a network marketing company that sold cell phones.

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He couldn’t make the party, but he was excited about what she was telling him and he wanted me to go check it out to see if I wanted to join as well.

So I went with my boyfriend at the time.

We got to her little ass one bedroom apartment. There were like seven people there, not including the two guys who were giving the presentation.

So, needless to say, they described the program and talked about how it would eventually offer gas services and would be in competition with PSE&G (New Jersey’s gas and electric supplier).

So that is what actually sold me.

I had no interest in the phone VOIP or cell phone plans that it offered, but I was interested in having another gas and electric  company to choose from because I hate that PSE&G have a monopoly over gas and electric services.

So anyway, I joined under my brother and my ex joined under me.

Now, of course, I couldn’t go to my brother for any info because he never attended any of the meetings. I think he thought money was going to magically appear just because he joined.

I, on the other hand, attended a couple of the meetings because the guy who gave the presentation was my overall upline sponsor and he was the one telling us to contact our friends and family.

At first, he was always available for any questions I had and he was excited because he was signing up a lot of people and he was on his way to becoming an executive director.

He kept telling me the same thing about “family and friends” and that just wasn’t working for me so after awhile, I stopped getting in contact with him.

I’m not even certain if he ever made it to executive director or not.

I know they (both guys that gave the presentation) owned a car lot down on Broadway in Newark, but I don’t even know if they still have that.

I would love to see them and find out how their network marketing present and future looks.

Where in the world is my former network marketing sponsor?

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