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What Is 5Links?

5Links is a direct sales product with a business opportunity attached to it. Within the biz opp, you get many different products that you can sell to people who are in the market for telecommunications types of products whether for home or business.

What Type Of Products Are In The 5 Linx Program?

5Links has grown a lot over the years. When I joined back in 2007, they only had a few products.

They had the mobile phones, VOIP home and business phone, home security, and satellite t.v.

Today they have waaay more products… They added gas and electric, payment processors, ID guard, mobile marketing and some business elite services.

5Links Energy Program

The 5Links energy program basically gives areas that have deregulated gas and electric supplies different company options to choose from to supply them with their gas and or electric.

According to 5Linx.com:

  • The restructuring of energy markets in recent years has broken up monopolistic utility companies 5links 5 linxand opened up competition

  • Consumers now have a options when choosing a competitive supply offer

  • Competitive suppliers provide a variety of terms and pricing options

  • Creates unlimited opportunities for 5 LINX representatives to present competitive supply offers along with the diverse product portfolio being offered by 5LINX

Although this is great, I must add that depending on your state, it may seem unnecessary because the monopoly supplier still delivers the energy.

For instance, I had decided to go with a different supplier than PSE&G for my gas. However, I got my first bill from PSE&G after the switch and found that they were still charging me delivery prices separate from the gas supplier.

This wound up making my bill higher because now I was being billed for the same service from two different companies, smh.

Now this was many years ago, like 8, so it may be more competitive in the prices now. Especially since 5 Linx has  more suppliers out there to choose from.

5 Linx Data Vault

5 Linx also has an online backup service. This backs up all of the work that you choose to backup automatically as you work.

You don’t have to set up any schedules or anything like that. It does it automatically as you go.

According to 5Linx.com the data vault:

  • Keep files up to date on all of your computers

  • Access files anywhere at any time from any device with an internet web browser

  • Performs automatic backups while you work

  • Encrypts all files to ensure they are secure

  • Share some or all files

  • 250 GB of storage

This is great because if your computer crashes, gets lost, stolen or damaged in any way, your files are automatically saved and you don’t have to worry about losing important information.

5Links Velocity

5Links has a tablet that compares to the Kindle and Ipad tablets. The advantage to having the 5 Linx tablet is it comes pre-loaded with the GlobalLinx Mobile Video which enables the owner to have video conferencing and phone calls while on the go like Ipad’s Facetime. Of course, there needs to be Wi-Fi availability.

Kindle doesn’t have this feature  pre-installed. You probably have to search for a video conferencing app.

5Links also has PowerPlay which are speakers that you can add to the tablet as well.

5Linx Velocity Features According To 5Linx.com

  • Powered by Android™ 4.1, Jelly Bean™ for mobile productivity and entertainment
  • 5 Point Capacitive 8” Touchscreen
  • 1024 X 768 IPS Glass Screen
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Get fast access to the web, email, and other productivity applications.
  • Integrated Wi-Fi (b/g/n) keeps you connected on the go.
  • Dual cameras (front- and rear-facing) for video conferencing, photos, videos and face-to-face chats.
  • 8GB In-board Memory-expandable up to additional 32G with Micro SD Card Slot
  • Processing Speed 1.0GHz
  • Bluetooth Enabled
  • HDMI port allows for connectivity to a HDTV.
  • Internal Speakers
  • Fully loaded with GMV
  • Free Synthetic Leather Keyboard Case

I don’t know if the speed can compare to other competitive tablets like Kindle, Google or Ipad but according to them the features definitely can.

5Links Business Elite

The 5Links Business Elite program is basically the company building mobile websites, social network posting, text message marketing, building QR codes and other types of online solutions for businesses.

Globalinx VOIP Phone Service

5Links uses Globalinx for their phone service. They, just like Magic Jack and any cable provider, uses the internet for your phone communications.

According to 5Linx.com the Globalinx phone features are:

  • 3-Way Calling

  • 7-digit Local Dialing

  • 711 Dialing

  • Anonymous Call Rejection

  • Basic Phone Functions

  • Call Return

  • Call Trace

  • Call Waiting

  • Caller ID

  • Caller ID Block

  • Do Not Disturb

  • Call Forwarding

  • Internet billing

  • Keep Your Existing Number

  • Last number redial

  • Low Priced International Rates

  • Making Calls – Dialing Instructions

  • Message Waiting Indicator (MWI)

  • Online Account Management

  • Voice Mail

  • Web Portal

5Linx Payment Solutions

If you have a small business that needs to accept credit card payments, then the 5 Linx Payment Solutions can be used for that.

This compares to the other processors as they also have the mobile processor as well which is good if you go to your clients and need to accept payment from them and they don’t have cash on hand.

Here are the features of the 5 Linx Payment Solutions according to 5linx.com:

  • Accepts MasterCard, VISA, Discover and American Express

  • Countertop, mobile and online payment processing for most business types

  • Comprehensive fraud protection for every transaction

  • Maximum system uptime and best-in-class speed and efficiency

They also have the security solutions, satellite and fiber tv and high speed internet. Now with these products, as well as some of their others, I just never understood what would be the point of getting these services through 5Links.

I mean, they use Direct TV and probably Verizon, cable providers for high speed and other companies for all of their products.

So why not just go directly to the companies for the products?

I don’t get it…but that’s just me.

Not to mention, when I was doing my research on their Velocity tablet, I came across some not so good reviews from actual buyers…

My husband purchased 2 Velocity tablet by 5Linx.I had problems with one of them from day one.

Asked for a refund and advised once purchased you are stuck. I have had it not quite a year and now the problem device stopped charging. My husband called the company and was told over a month now ago I would receive a return label, once they received the unit and checked it out then they would replace it.

Well to this day I don’t have a return label and the company can care less as to true customer service.My advise to anyone STAY away from 5Linx in any shape, form or fashion! – Sharon

There is more like that as well.

If you want to read more about customers’ experiences then check out http://5linx.pissedconsumer.com/

As any business, please make sure you check out all you can before you join. Everyone is not going to have the same experience because everything is not for everyone.

There are many people making a great living selling 5Links products so it is possible for you to do so as well. For instance, check out Marshall Fortson.

PSVP Marshall Fortson has been with 5LINX for six years. Prior to 5LINX he owned a hip hop clothing store, was a fashion designer and worked in the entertainment industry.

His greatest accomplishment in 5LINX has been the realization of financial freedom. He has been able to retire his mother, send his children to college and live life however he wants to live it.

His desire to create generational wealth and helping others to do the same is what inspired him to succeed. It was that desire that drove him to build an organization which includes more than 10,000 representatives and almost 32,000 customers.

His advice to all representatives is to be coachable. Learn how to keep it simple, follow the system and surround yourself with successful people. If you can do this, you can succeed in 5LINX.

His mentors are SVPs John and Patrice Jones. – 5Linx.com

So it is possible.

Your success depends on you and how well you market. If you enjoy the product yourself, it is much easier to sell so make sure you at least enjoy the company you join whether it’s 5 Linx or another network marketing biz opp.

Be Fierce, Not Fearful.

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