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The Key To Success And Failure

When I first entered the online world, I became fascinated at the claims I was hearing. “Wow!”, I thought, “You can actually make that type of money online?”

I started on a quest to try to get the same results. The only problem was, I felt like I only had but so much money to spend trying to make $5000 a month online like they were. As a result, I refused to spend money on advertising. In my mind, that was too much of a risk.

“Oh hell no! I don’t have money to lose!” That was my frame of thought.

So what did I do?

I bought one product, but didn’t like the method of having to write a bunch of articles and then rewrite them and send them to a bunch of article directories. I tried it. Then I stopped.

Then I bought a product that taught SEO. Okay that’s simple enough. Write a blog post with a keyword in it and have that keyword in it at least once per 100 words. “But damn, now I have to build links. Who the hell has time for all that?’

Then I bought another product. “I’m going to do product reviews. Yeah that’s the ticket.”. So I put up a product review site, got a couple of links to the site and didn’t get any results.

“Oh well that doesn’t work neither.”

Then I figured that I would give Google Adwords a try. I purchased a $1200 product from Marcus Cambell and never put up a capture page. In the beginning, I just could not grasp the idea of a capture page. I mean it didn’t help matters that I had just got online and wasn’t really taught the significance of the page.

google adwords

All I knew was that it had to go up and that I needed to pay Google to send traffic to that page. Needless to say, I never put it up.

I did, however, buy another product from Clickbank. I can’t remember the name or what the product was about, but I followed his steps and set up a pay per click ad campaign in Yahoo. I actually made a couple of sells too.

But did I stick with it? NOPE! The money didn’t come quick enough so I chased the next “best thing”.

Now what is wrong with this picture?

First off, I didn’t want to learn how to get traffic by paying for it for fear of losing my money. Yet, I was okay with losing my money buying product after product.

No bullshit, I had to spend at least $30,000 trying to find out the free ways to make money online.

Now think about it. Had I took all that money and applied it to learning how to run ads, running them, learning from my failures and getting leads and sales, I would definitely had built a successful online business within my first year. At least by the second year.

But no. I had no focus. No goals. No mentors. No community to learn from. No target audience. And worse of all, no patience.

I wanted to make money online fast and free. And in turn, it took me four years and more than $30k. Now what sense did that make? NONE!

Now how do the people who succeed online make it?

online success

They find a mentor. They invest in a great product and great training. They pick a method of getting traffic that speaks to them. They master that method. They focus on making that method work though trial and error, consistency and patience. They take the advice of their mentor and implement exactly as told.

They do not bounce all over the place looking for a “better” product or program. They are aware that the product is less important than they are and their methods of marketing.

They learn. Apply what they learn. And most importantly, they never give up even when hit with a road block.

Everyone who is successful online had some type of setback. But what separates the weak from the strong is determination and the ability to bounce back from that setback and keeping it moving.

They learn what didn’t work and tweaked their method over and over and over until they got it to work.

Had I learned this at least four years ago, I could have saved a lot of money on my car insurance… 😀 (I got that from the GEICO commercial in case you aren’t from around here).

Basically that is it.

You succeed by picking a great product. Following people that are already making money online. Do what they tell you to do. Invest in marketing training. Pick the traffic getting method that works for you because there are many and all of them are not going to tickle your fancy, so to speak. Be willing to pay for traffic or be willing to blog and build links.

Find your technique. Learn your technique. And don’t give up until you have mastered that technique. Join a community of like minded people that will hold you accountable and build your business until your heart is content.

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Peace and Blessings!

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