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Successful People Are Willing To Do What Failures Won’t

Think about what successful people do on a daily basis in order to gain the riches that they achieved…

…then think about the people who are poor and remain in that state.

The difference between the two is, the rich continue to take action no matter what the feat and the poor sit around and complain about how poor they are.

When I say sit around, I mean that literally.

I, too, was plagued by this disease…

…sitting around wondering how rich people got that way and accusing them of swindling the meek to get it…even though I had never met a rich person in my life.

I was going around believing and spreading the false belief that all rich people are devils and the poor will inherit the earth.

It wasn’t until I got older that I realized that only poor people were saying that. Meanwhile, doing absolutely nothing to take them out of this state.

What Should I Do To Change My Life?

I always knew that I couldn’t work for someone else. I had instilled this in my mind at a young age…between 10 and 13.

I didn’t know what I was going to do, I just knew I didn’t want to have to get up every morning. I hate to have to get out of my bed and go out the door.

Now, if it happened spontaneously, then I was okay. But to be forced to go to school, or to work, or to the doctors or wherever, I just hated.

So I knew that a regular job just was not for me and so I started doing everything that had nothing to do with going outside in the morning.

It wasn’t the waking up part, because even to this day I wake up about 6:30am…back then it was about 7:30… I just have an issue with going out the door early in the morning.

So I basically started off on the rocky road, you know…the streets and the clubs.

No I was not a hooker, I was a street pharmacist for a product that is debatable about being legal or not.

Then I became an untrained dancer.

From there I tried working and did that for three years only to quit and start my real estate investing.

Succeeded with that until the bottom fell out (subprime crash) and turned to online marketing.

It is here that I learned that nothing happens over night. You have to change your mind and focus and take baby steps first in order to become a runner.

Most of us get online thinking we will be successful overnight. And this is mostly due to our being at our last rope and dime and we feel that if it doesn’t happen now, then it will never happen.

But what needs to be thought about is whatever marketing you are doing…it’s a business. And no business is successful overnight.

We have to dig in the trenches to make things happen. Those that succeed are the ones who deal with all the obstacles and never give up.

Those who fail…are those who give up…simple as that.

Yeah it’s hard work. Yeah it takes time even though we need the success yesterday, and yes it gets frustrating…


“Successful people do what failures won’t” – Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins Speaks On The Little Changes That Make A Big Impact

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