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Struggling With Talking To Your MLM Prospects And Leads?

Are you fairly new to the multi level marketing industry and you don’t have a clue what to say to your MLM prospects and leads? Does the thought of talking to strangers on the phone terrify you?

If so then you fit the description of about 90% of people that get into network marketing.

How To Talk To Your MLM Prospects And Leads

In this video I go over what you can do and say to let go of that fear.

The key to getting over that fear is to not worry about getting the sale.

That’s it!

If you see your MLM leads as people as opposed to a dollar sign, you would transition into conversation with no problems at all. The fear is really all in your head because you are too concerned about them joining.

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You have to remember, your prospect is a person. They are people that are just like you trying to find a way out of the rat race.

They are people looking to better their living situation.

And just like you, they want someone to guide them.

When you keep this in mind, it is easy for you to connect with your MLM prospects.

Find out who they are and what they wish to accomplish.

You have to see if they are even a fit to be on your team because not every prospect is going to be. You don’t want people that complain all day to be on your team bringing your spirits down.

That is why having a conversation is more like vetting than it is getting a sale.

Once you have this mentality, conversing with MLM prospects will be a breeze.

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  1. Totally needed this Naqueen. Thank you for the tips.

  2. Thank you much needed !!~ great tips !!~

  3. Hi Naqueen,

    Excellent tips for how to talk to your prospects :) Just think of them as a person that you want to get to know, ask questions, find out what their pain points are…..I struggle with this too, but your post has helped me realize that I need to just talk to them as a person not has someone you want to join your team :) Makes sense and so simple :) Thanks for sharing!

    • Yes Joan I used to struggle as well because I would look at MLM prospects as dollar signs…desperate to get the sale. But then I learned that it has to be more about them and less about me.

      Thanks for stopping by! 😀

  4. [ Smiles ] If I was into MLM, I would have given your technique a try.

    Lovely post!

  5. Great tips Naqueen! You’re right about every one not being a fit for your business, that’s why it’s important to ask questions to see where they’re coming from. Talk to them like you’re talking to a friend without any expectations.

    • Exactly Demetri! We don’t want people that complain all the time or need to be baby sat on our team because it would be a waste of time and energy.

  6. Great post Naqueen. As you say, we have to remember it’s not all about the sale, it’s about them and what’s in it for them. Thanks for sharing

  7. Great information, this is definitely something every entrepreneur can benefit from

  8. Excellent MLM prospecting tips Naqueen. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Great tips for anyone who is struggling to talk to their leads and prospects. Thanks for sharing

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