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Social Media Marketing – The Biggest Thing You Shouldn’t Do

If you have been doing social media marketing but you still haven’t gotten any results, then the issue may be that you are posting all wrong.

If that’s the case, then watch the video below that explains what you should not be doing on your social media sites, especially Facebook.

Social Media Marketing Mistakes

You’re not getting the results you desire with your social media marketing because you are committing the same mistake that we all make when we first bring our business online…

Not only should you not post your business because it repulses people, but also because you are branding your company as opposed to yourself. This is another no no in social media posting.

You have to spend most of your time branding yourself, not your business.

Once you get your Facebook and other social media posting correct, you will begin to build a great loyal following that will be eager to join you and your business.

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