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Network Marketing Tips For The Beginner

I wanted to share these network marketing tips with you because I understand how difficult it is when you are just starting out.

You are told to write down a list of your friends and family and call them and tell them about your network marketing opportunity.

Your sponsor told you that the key to succeeding is to get as many people to see your company’s presentation. Although this part is true, your strategy of “friends and family” is all wrong.

Trust me when I tell you…

Your friends and family don’t give two sh*ts about your opportunity.

They are complacent just where they are. Even if they are thinking about starting their own business, they are not going to believe that your business model works until you start making money.

You have to show and prove.

And because I remember how tough it was for me when I first started, I want to share these simple network marketing tips with you so that you don’t have to struggle as long as I did.

Simple Network Marketing Tips


mlm network marketing tips

Following these simple network marketing tips that I am sharing will enable you to at least get started on the right foot. Because as I have mentioned, your friends and family is the wrong foot.

Find Your Audience

This is probably one of the most important of the MLM tips. You have to be in the same area where your actual target market is.

How do you do that?

Look at the product you are selling. Who needs this type of product? Where are those people?

Where ever they are is where you need to be.

Also, for the business aspect of it… I mean like building your team…

You need to be where other network marketers are. You have a higher rate of converting people that are already in the business than people that have no clue about the MLM and network marketing concept.

The reason is you won’t have to convince them about the residual income and how you can build a very successful lifestyle.

These types of people already get it.

Build A Relationship

This is where most network marketers go wrong. You are so eager to get people to buy and join you that you neglect getting to know the person you want to build a business with.

The key here is to start talking to people in your audience. Find out what they do… where they live… if they have children… what made them want to go into business for themselves.

Have a regular conversation without thinking about getting a sale.

When you do this, you come across genuine, caring and unselfish.

This makes people get to trust you a little more and let down their guard.

Market to That Audience

mlm tips for network marketing

Now that you have found your audience and built a relationship, the next of the network marketing tips is to put your product in front of them.

This part is a little tricky though. You can’t just bombard people with links to your MLM opportunity.

You have to strike up a conversation and then squeeze in what you do for a living.

You can then ask them if they would be open to trying something that doesn’t interfere with what they are already doing.

If they say no, that’s okay. They may not be in the market of business building right now.

That could be because of anything, not necessarily a rejection to you…

It could be that they are happy with the company they are already with, or they are frustrated from struggling with their previous company.

But don’t get discouraged….

I’ve had many people join me a year after following me.


People move when they are ready to move, not when you want them to.

Close The Sale

The last of the network marketing tips that I wanted to share with you is closing the sale.

So after you have built a relationship with your prospect, you want to get them to see your presentation.

After they have watched, it is important that you follow up with them.

Ask them what did they think about the video or site and then share with them what you are willing to do to help them succeed.

Remember, this is about helping others.

If you show them that you are willing to teach them what needs to be done to succeed, they will be willing to join you.

Network Marketing Tips – The Finale


network marketing success tips

Now I know what you are thinking…

“NaQueen, those were some cool network marketing tips, but the last one has me stumped!”

“How can I show them how to succeed in their network marketing business if I’m a newbie and haven’t succeeded myself?”

You have to get trained!…Plain and simple…

In order to become the teacher, you must first be a student.

You have to learn exactly how to find your target audience, how to build a relationship with them, how to market to them correctly and how to get them to close the sale.

Once you do this, you then can teach the people you sign up, how to do the same.

It’s really just a matter of learning the art of network marketing.

The moment you get these techniques down pat, you will be able to teach anyone how do the same.

Trust me…

It’s exactly how I learned to do it.

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  1. Greats tips for the newbie Network Marketer. Building relationships is key to building a successful business. Great post Naqueen!

  2. Excellent Tips Naqueen. It is easy to get complacent in Network Marketing, but what’s the point. If you’re paying your money, you might as well do what’s required. Thanks for sharing

  3. Great Network Marketing tips for beginners Naqueen. I love the blog. :)

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