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MLM Struggles? Can MLM Opportunities Really Work?

Many people join MLM companies with the hopes of quitting their job and making a bunch of money from home. They go in excitedly, anxious of what they vision their lives to be in the next 30 to 90 days.

Then it happens…

Reality starts to kick in.

It’s not as easy as your upline or the top sponsors made it out to be. This MLM stuff actually takes work!

Suddenly, it’s not as appealing as it sounded at the hotel or house meeting. Yeah I get it… You thought you could just join and the people would come.

Quickly you learned you couldn’t have been more farther from the truth.

The Truth About MLM

truth about mlm network marketing

The truth about MLM opportunities and network marketing is it’s, indeed, a real business. And as far as I remember, there is no real business that you can just get in and the profits start rolling in.

I don’t care what kind of business it is.

And here’s the funny thing… Most people are hesitant to join a network marketing company for the fear that it may be a “scam” or “pyramid scheme”. Yet when they join they expect to get rich in their first 6 months. If not, then they label their company a scam.

But the reality is, if most people did make serious money the moment they joined, then it would be a scam.

Real businesses, including MLM, takes work. It takes consistent, daily action. It takes you getting off your but and actually marketing your biz opp.

And I’m not talking about harassing your family and friends. That is not your “warm” market. They have absolutely no interest in starting their own work from home business (at least not until they see you become successful in it).

I’m actually talking about finding people that are looking for what you have to offer. Your true “warm” MLM leads.

Your Best MLM Leads

Your most warm and best MLM leads are people that are already in a network marketing business.

That’s right!

And the reason for that is, you do not have to explain to them about how starting their own work from home business is the best road to time and financial freedom because they already get it. They already understand the idea of residual income and you know they agree with the concept because they have already joined at least one business that you know of.

And the truth of the matter is, most people are currently unhappy in their current MLM just as YOU may be at this very moment.


Because they are struggling just like you.

Maybe your sponsor disappeared on you.

You may no longer have a support group.

Or maybe you were never taught how to use social media and online marketing to build your brand and your business and you are eager to learn.

Because of these issues, the way you feel may be the same for most marketers.

The MLM Solution:

You BECOME the better network marketer than the person that signed you up. You learn the true skills that is necessary to brand yourself, build a following and start getting MLM LEADS and SALES in your business so that you can teach other struggling marketers how to do the same.

So my advice…

Keep grinding for your dream of reaching high ranks in your MLM.

INVEST in your training on how to use the internet to become the rock star marketer you have been dreaming of.

I wish you Much Peace, Blessings and Success.

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