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Kalatu Vs WordPress – Why Should I Pay For A Blog?

When people hear about Empower Network, the first thing that comes to their mind is, “Why would I pay for a Kalatu blog when I can just use WordPress for free?”.

This is actually a great question, but really it’s not.

You see, that question comes from the same mindset of not understanding why starting an online business takes work. People that ask that question has not made the shift

But I will break it down for you. And the moment I finish, you will be like “Ohhhh”.

Let’s talk about WordPress…

WordPress Blog

kalatu blog vs wordpress blog

The WordPress Blog platform is a free blogging platform that everyone who’s online is using. It is used for business websites, personal websites, hobbies and basically anything you want to write about online.

There is a free version at WordPress.com where you don’t even have to get hosting or a domain. All you have to do is register with the site and start blogging from there.

So here is my question…

Why buy a domain and pay for hosting when you can just blog from their site?

I’ll tell you why. Because you look more professional having the WordPress Blog platform on your own domain name. Only amateurs blog straight from WordPress.com or Blogger.com.

If you are running a business and really trying to make money, then you already know you have to host the platform yourself. So now think about it.

That is basically the same question. You are choosing to pay for something that you really can get for free. And you are doing it because there is a benefit from it. It is like an upgrade.

The WordPress Community

Now let’s get into the WordPress community. It is obsolete. The only thing you learn about in this community is how to get your blog set up.

kalatu vs wordpress

If you look at the above image you will see that as of April 10th of 2015, which is the day I am writing this, the community hasn’t been active since October 24th of 2014. So what does that tell you?

The creator of whichever theme you chose is there to aid you in customizing the theme to your preference and getting it to function as you desire. And that is it.

There is absolutely no one in the WordPress blogging community teaching you how to make money from that blog. They are clearly only selling you the real estate and nothing more.

It’s like when I sell houses. I only sell them the house, I do not go into how the new owner can get great tenants so they can make a return on their investment. They are strictly on their own after the sale.

The same goes for you with WordPress. You are solely on your own to figure out how to make money with your new WordPress site. Yeah it looks cute and it is functioning, but now what?

Actually, you have to figure out on your own how to install it to your domain. The community doesn’t walk you through that. They only tell you how to make it function after it is installed.

Some designers will offer to install it for you for a fee, so then that wouldn’t be free, would it?

WordPress is not designed to rank in the search engines. You have to get an additional plugin for that. But again, the community does not tell you that.

If you have a new domain, it will take you months or even a year to start ranking, depending on your niche.

Kalatu Blog

The Kalatu Blog community is just the opposite. Everyone in this community sincerely wants you to succeed online. We all stick together and do what we can to make sure you do not get discouraged and quit.

We hold one another accountable for each one’s actions. You have to consistently take action in order to be successful and it is our goal to not allow you to fall to the waist side.

There are free trainings three times a week to get you making money on your Kalatu Blog.

The Kalatu Blog is designed to rank in the search engines. You do not need to wait months before seeing your blog posts in the SERPS. It is that powerful.

All you have to do is a little link building and you will see results.

With the Kalatu Blog, you do not need to learn how to upload to your domain or pay for hosting. The blog is hosted on one of Empower Network’s domains which is why you already have authority.

All you have to do is map your domain to the blog. And there is a PDF training in your dashboard that shows you how to do that step by step.

wordpress vs kalatu

The designing of the blog is simple and that information is right on the dashboard within the blog. The support is also right in your dashboard area so you don’t have to search all around to get answers.

The banners are built in. If you don’t like the image that is showing you can change it with your own by simply uploading the image and that’s it.

It has a link shortner built in as well. So you don’t have to go to tinyurl or biturl.

I mean the advantages are endless.

So think of it like this…

Why do people pay $400 for a pair of shoes when you can go to Payless and buy shoes for $20? You won’t walk differently just because you paid more.

Why pay thousands of dollars for a watch when you can get one for $10? The time isn’t going to change because you paid more.

Why go to a restaurant and pay $50 for a steak when you can go to Fridays or Outback and get a steak meal with lobster for $25?

It’s all about the mindset and the perception. You want to pay more for things that make you look and feel more important and more successful.

The Kalatu blog gives you that same perception. Only it takes it a step further and actually helps you to be more successful.

Why get a free WordPress Blog and then search all around the internet looking for training and buying product after product to learn how to get your WordPress Blog to make money online when all you have to do is a get a $25 Kalatu Blog that has all the training you need right at your fingertips?

Of course you have to pay for the training as that allows you resale rights to be able to make more money, but there is no need to search and search and search. You know what you need to get your Kalatu Blog producing income and it’s right there in your back office for you to purchase.

If you are ready to become a top producer with a blogging community that is there for you and will not lead you astray, then Click here and watch the video and join now…

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