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If A 12 Year Old Can Do It Using Facebook…Can’t You?

The weekend of April 19 – 21 Empower Network had their event in Chicago. Unfortunately I was unable to attend because the notice was too short for me to find a sitter.

However, I will be at the next event which is in Denver the weekend of July 19 – 21.

So apparently there is a 12 year old little boy from Holland that is in Empower Network and he is using Facebook to get people to join.

David Wood didn’t even know there was a 12 year old in the program.

It’s a little hard to understand the child because he has an accent, but Dave did his best repeating what he was saying.

Check out the video below…


12 Year Old Gesse Makes $12,000 In 4 Months With Empower Network

Now think about it…

He goes to school probably from 8:00am to around 3:00pm and he has to do his homework. Yet he finds an extra two hours a day to get onto Facebook and message people and get them to join him in learning how to earn $3000 per month by just talking to people on Facebook and blogging.

If he can do it, then you have absolutely no excuse for not doing it as well.

I just talked about how you can message people with Facebook marketing campaigns, get to know them and then tell them what it is that you do as well.

If they are interested they will join, if not then move on. But you have to be in Empower in order to make 100% commissions.

Remember, you get paid a hell of a lot more doing the same exact work and you don’t have to give up your primary business if you have one…

You just incorporate the two together.

Even if you still decide Empower is not for you… please make sure you continue to take action in building your business.

Be Fierce, Not Fearful.

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