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How Will Your Story Be Written?

Are you living the life you dreamed of? Can you honestly say that you are happy and fulfilled in every aspect of your life?

If you are not meeting your requirements, how will you respond to what life has thrown your way?

Will you blame others?

Will you become depressed?

Will you change your actions?

Will you change your expectations?

When you are unhappy with a certain area in your life, it is because you are not meeting the desired expectation. If you are far from your desires, you can find yourself deeply depressed.

If you are only a little off, then you may be stressed.

The way you respond to these issues is the way your story will be written.

Tony Robbins speaks of how you can respond in 3 ways…

3 Ways To Respond To Your Life’s Conditions


your fault

You can decide that you are not the cause of your current situation, but someone else is. Maybe you are in a bad relationship where your significant other is unfaithful.

This has caused a lot of strain on your relationship. You complain over and over that you are unhappy because they haven’t made any changes. However, the change really has to be on your end.

Your partner is not to blame for your unhappy relationship. You cannot change the way other people move. Therefore, you have to make the decision that you will either a) be okay with this person being with someone else, or b) leave the relationship.

You can only control what you do. If you are unhappy, leave. If you decide to stay without changing your blueprint to fit that it’s okay for them to dip outside of your relationship, then the cause of your unhappiness will lie within.

The same goes for your career.

Too often do I hear people complaining about their job or their boss. Okay, so you can either leave the job, or decide that whatever is going on with that job is actually fine with you and you will be happy dealing with it.

I know it’s not easy just to leave because bills need to be paid. But like myself, I would prefer to struggle than to find myself unhappy and stressing over a job that I don’t want or a man that I don’t want.

I don’t do it! Plain and simple.

Change Your Actions

If you are not making the money you want to make, then you have to decide that you are going to do whatever it takes to get that money.

You have a goal. You cannot allow obstacles to throw you off course. And trust me, life will throw you obstacles.

I was thrown many, many obstacles that I will not allow to deter me from my mission. I will talk about those obstacles in tomorrow’s post, and trust me, there are many.

But I have made the decision that no one or nothing is going to stand in my way of achieving that $685 a day. I don’t care if the universe decides to flatten. I will be a flat ass blogging on my flat computer and sharing my flat content. 😀

You have to be strong. Life is filled with positive and negative energy so they come hand in hand.  You have to be like a boxer. Roll with the punches. You know they are coming so prepare yourself beforehand.

Get your mind right that you will not allow any obstacles to take you away from your goal.

All successful people jumped hurdles and kept it moving. You have to do the same.

Change Your Blueprint

lifes blueprint

If you decide for some reason that you really can’t deal with the obstacles that are being thrown at you, then you have to decide to change your goals.

Maybe marketing online just isn’t for you. There is nothing wrong with that. If you initially started out saying you wanted to work from home and make $10,000 a month, now you have to change your mindset and decide that you will be happy working at a job.

Just find a career that you like doing and do it. But don’t start that career if your true desire is to work from home. Otherwise you will just shift your unhappiness from one aspect to another.

First you were unhappy that you couldn’t make it online. Now you’re unhappy that you have to get up every morning and do a job that you aren’t really beat for.

And trust me when I say, you will be even more unhappy if you are at a job that you can’t stand. At least if you are trying to get it online, you know your defeat is your own. All you have to do is make that mind shift and continue to take action.

Our happiness or unhappiness is contingent upon what we are willing to accept, whether in your career or relationships. You have to literally say, “Enough is enough” or “It’s okay. I’m good with the way things are”.

Of course blaming others is the cowards way. No one is in control of your life but yourself. If you give that control to someone or something then no one is to blame but the person on the other side of the mirror.

Taking action to achieve your life’s expectations is the most strongest of the three responses. It takes strong will to become successful in your own business, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Would you?

Changing your blueprint would be the passive response to what life has offered. It’s like removing the sail from a boat and allowing the waves to guide you. In many cases, this could be life saving so don’t turn your nose up to it.

Consider the three and make a decision as to how you will rewrite the outcome of your story.

If you would like to rewrite your story together as I rewrite mine by taking action until your goal is met, then Click here and check out the video…

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