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Google Is Cracking Down On Paid Link Building

Apparently Google has some SEO police that search the web looking for companies and networks that sell links to help people get better search engine rankings.

What Are Paid Link Building Networks?

Basically, many SEO masters create sites that offer to build links for clients who want to pay to have their websites ranked at the top of Google.

The reason you would even consider paying for links is because it takes a lot of work writing articles and submitting them to different article directories, commenting on different blogs, social bookmarking, etc.

The time it takes to do this, takes away from your time marketing. Not to mention, people just don’t feel like doing this tedious type of work for every single page they write on their blogs.

Therefore, you pay guys who specialize in this technique to do it for you.

The problem then lies with Google seeing this as manipulation and penalizing sites that use these types of techniques.

Matt Cutt, head of Google’s search spam, reportedly said they were going after these types of networks and anyone using them will have their sites penalized.

According to Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land:

“Unconfirmed reports are surfacing throughout the SEO community that Google has penalized yet another link network. The rumors within the industry are that the link network targeted by Google is named SAPE links.”

You can read the rest of the story here…

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