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Facebook Marketing – Attracting Prospects To My MLM Using FB

Learning how to build my MLM using Facebook marketing was by far one of the best things that could have ever happened to me and my business.

I learned that it’s not only about chasing people so that I can get a sale.

It’s also about getting to know people from all over the world. Learning about them and their family. Finding out what they like and what moves them.

I also like finding out what made them want to go into business for themselves.

From asking people questions, I have learned that many people don’t even know how to use Facebook to build their MLM or any other business. They are just on there to be social with their friends and family.

After I explain that I use it to build my business more than I do to talk to old friends, they are surprised.

How I Use Facebook Marketing In My MLM

mlm facebook marketing

So using Facebook marketing is pretty simple. It’s just a matter of staying consistent and being willing to do the same things everyday.

You might as well because you are already doing most of it anyway…

You have just been doing it for personal use.

Post Quotes

First you have to post some inspirational quotes.

People love to be inspired and motivated. This will start to show up in their news feeds and your friends will notice.

Post Videos

You should then get used to the idea of creating videos. Your videos should teach people something they may not know about your business.

You teach what to do but not so much how to do it.

Post Lifestyle

You also need to share your lifestyle.

Make sure you are posting pics of you and your family doing every day things.

This helps to personify you.

With these Facebook marketing techniques, you will begin to build a following.

People will start to look forward to your posts and they won’t be afraid to let you know.

video marketing on facebook

I even get text messages from people telling me how they appreciate my posts (my middle name is Unique). So even though you may think no one is watching…

…trust me they are.

I wish you much Peace and Blessings!

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  1. Facebook marketing is one of the best forms of marketing their is, and done properly, it’s very powerful. Great article.

  2. It’s not been long I learned about Facebook marketing and how powerful it is for growing our home business. It’s definitely a marketing strategy to learn. Great post NaQueen. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Up front and personal, that’s what I think about Facebook. I think it is the No1 social platform to network with other Network Marketers, what do you think Naqueen?

  4. Facebook is a huge social media platform, it has over a billion users. Great place to network. Thanks for sharing these great tips Naqueen!

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