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Dare To Be Vulnerable

Sometimes diving into the realm of marketing requires you to have to give up a certain part of yourself.

It forces you to become humble and feel vulnerable because you are not in control of the outcome of your marketing efforts.

What you are in control of, is the training you receive about marketing, and how you apply what you have learned.

the power of vulnerability

It’s really not enough to learn marketing techniques. You have to apply them in order to become successful and it is here, where people usually fall short.

Why do they fall short?

For the fear of failure. They are afraid that if they spend the money and don’t get the results they were looking for, then they would have wasted that money.

But on the contrary, trying and failing is actually a step closer to the reward. It’s trial and error. You are not going to know what you’re good or bad at until you get vulnerable enough to take a chance.

Once you meet that vulnerability, you will then get the courage to take action.

You have to let down your guard and go for it.

In this video, Brene Brown speaks of how powerful you become once you except your vulnerability:

Get rid of your fears. Embrace your courage and take action in your marketing endeavors. It can and will happen to you.

People do not connect with products, they connect to you for who you are. So own it…

Be Fierce, Not Fearful.

being vulnerabl

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