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Can’t Stand The Heat, Then Stay Out The Kitchen

It is ridiculously hot out here in NJ. We have had a heat wave for the entire week.

…92 degrees and above, smh.

It’s so hot that I haven’t done anything this entire week.

It’s even too hot to go to the Jersey Shore and that is filled with a body of water.

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All I keep thinking is that sun is beaming down on that sand…

Uh uh… not me.

All I’ve been doing was staying up under the air conditioner watching t.v.

…straight lazy! lol.

And I’m not even a couch potato because I’m chillin in my BED!

But here’s the thing….

If it weren’t for affiliate marketing, I would not be able to make this decisoin.

I would have been forced to go out into this treachering heat, and I’m not hardly beat.

I just saw my daughter’s grandfather’s girlfriend (she’s only 37)…

She works in a corporate job and I kid you not…

…it was 95 degrees and the humidity had it feeling like 100 plus…

..she had on a pinned skirt, blouse and matching jacket and looked like she was going to pass out.

The type of job she has requires her to drive around and go to different businesses…

Immediately I said to her “sucks to be you” and we both laughed.

There is no way in the world that would be me…I’m sorry…I can’t do it.

I left her and went straight home to my air conditioner.

All I kept thinking was I am blessed to not have to do that.

This is what working online has afforded me.

I get to make the decision if I want to go outside, write on my blog, make a video, write an email or just keep my behind home and do absolutely nothing all day.

When I can’t stand the heat, I stay far away from the kitchen as possible.

What a wonderful life.

Whatever it is you are doing right now, make sure you are happy and it is something you want to do not are forced to do.

Be Fierce in your endeavors and not fearful of making necessary changes in your life.
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