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Can You Make Money Sending Postcards? Uh-Duhhh!

If you are wondering if you can make money sending postcards then your answer is, of course you can silly. Direct mail has been the way to make money offline since the beginning of the world of marketing.

Back in the day, marketers would print one page mailings with their sales copy on them. They then evolved to sending postcards, as this is a cheaper way to get your word out.

In order to get your postcard business together, you first need to come up with a compelling offer.

What Kind Of Business Can Make Money Sending Postcards

Virtually any business can make money sending postcards. The objective is really to get your postcard to compel the potential customer to take a specific action.

Whether you want them to call a number, visit a website, or walk into the store, mailing postcards can get the job done.

Just be certain that you are not trying to sell in your postcard.

The selling aspect needs to be done during the phone call, on the web page or when they come to the store.

The 6 Simple Steps To Make Money Sending Postcards

There are 6 simple steps for you to make money sending postcards successfully.

Step 1

Come up with a compelling offer that will entice the potential customer to take action

Step 2

Buy a list of buyers that are targeted for your niche. You can find list brokers online by searching Google, Bing or Yahoo. Make sure the list you get is a buyer’s list or you may waste a lot of money. Also do a “review” search of the company to just to be extra certain not to get “bamboozled”.

Step 3

Write a compelling ad on the postcard to get your potential customer to call, visit site or come in.

Step 4

Have one of the following already in place before the mailing:
A. Free recorded message that takes their number if they are interested in your offer and you call back and sell them on the product.
B. Have a website with a landing page that sells the customer on the product.
C. Have a great sales person at the door that can meet your potential customer’s needs when they enter the store
D. Have a squeeze page that gets the email of your potential customer so you can sell them on the back end.

Step 5

Send out your mailings so you can make money sending postcards.

Step 6

Wait for the calls, visits and money start pouring in.

Trying to make money sending postcards takes some time and effort. There is a lot of trial and error because sometimes your ad copy on the postcard may not do well in getting the potential customer to take your desired action.

When and if this happens do not give up. You can make money sending postcards but you have to be determined and diligent.

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