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Are You Going To Be A Leader Or A Follower? Have You Even Decided?

The minute you join your company you need to ask yourself the question of what it is you plan to be… a leader or a follower?

Do you plan to make money in your business simply by following others throughout or have you decided that you will learn from your leaders and then eventually assume the role and become a leader for your team?

Not that there is a problem with remaining a follower. It will just determine how much money you will make in your business. Please don’t expect to make the amount of money that you hear other marketers making, if you do not intend on becoming a leader.

When I first got online in 2009, I couldn’t fathom the though of getting on videos and talking to the camera. The thought of people that I didn’t know watching me made me cringe.

no calls

I also went in with the intentions of never having to talk to people. I would get anxious at the thought of picking up the phone talking to other people about joining a business.

I was perfectly happy with learning some quick techniques and making a couple of dollars here and there. But then all of that changed.

The more I watched leaders make a sick amount of money, I got inspired. I started to tell myself that nothing is wrong with shooting videos and picking up the phone if it will build this online thing into a real business.

I actually started comparing online marketing with real estate.

“Girl why are you afraid to talk to people online but you aren’t afraid to call owners that are selling their properties? It’s the same thing!”

Once I put that in my head, I started telling people that if they wanted to join my team and wanted me to call them, that I would. And so I did! Come to find out, it wasn’t bad at all.

See the difference with marketing online is you are not hounding people that are not interested in running their own business. The key is to get people that want to follow you to give you permission to contact them.

If you do a good enough job, they will actually contact you first. I still remember my first phone call. The guy opted into my page and left his number for me to call because on the video I clearly stated that if you left your number I would call you.

When I called him, he was a bit surprised that I actually did. He didn’t know that I was surprised my damn self, lol.

That is the moment that I realized my fear of speaking to people was greater than the actual act. He and I talked for a minute about what he was looking to achieve in his business and he signed up.

fsbo newspaper

The funny thing about that is, it turned out exactly as it did when I made my first phone call to someone that was selling their house back in 2001.

I was sooo scared to call the person but I had got up the nerve and did it. The lady on the other end was very pleasant. I asked her if she could sell her house creatively and she said she needed it to be a straight sale because she needed the money to move out of state.

After hanging up I realized that no phone call or offer is a bad one. It just may not be right for that specific person. And the same goes for marketing.

Just because someone chooses not to join your team doesn’t mean something is wrong with you. It just means they are not ready yet.

You never know, it can be four years later and they may have gotten their mind set ready to finally take the leap. As long as you continued to stay in touch and give them valuable information through your blog and via email, when they are ready, they will join with you.

As a leader you will have to do things that may seem uncomfortable at first, but you will get the hang of it. Once you do, you will see that it isn’t as bad as it seems…. at all!

So if you really want to grow your business to numbers that you can’t even believe, you have to make the decision now whether or not you will follow throughout your career, or if you will follow until you learn the techniques and then you will lead.

It all depends on your desired goal.

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