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A Lesson From Pinky And The Brain

Pinky: Gee, Brain, what are we gonna do tonight?
The Brain: Same thing we do every night Pinky, try to take over the world!

I remember loving to watch the cartoon Pinky and The Brain and see how The Brain would fail over and over at trying his damndest to conquer the world.

But no matter how much he failed, he learned from that lesson and came up with another way to try to succeed at his quest.

The funny thing is, we all did this at one time in our lives, especially when we were children.

Do you remember the first time you tried to ride a bike?… I do.

I was six years old. One of my male cousins was riding his bike with no training wheels and I kept asking if I could ride even though I didn’t know how. He’s the same age as I and his little sister, who was only 3 was riding her tricycle.

He let me get on and I tried and tried. I even ran into the street light on the block ’cause I was trying to get my balance more so than steering.

After a couple of tries, I was on my way down the block. I was sooo determined to ride because I wanted to seem as fast as he was and not so much like a baby like his little sister.

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Isn’t it funny how as children, we put our minds on something and we keep at it until we achieve it? Failure is never an option. We are fierceful!

Then we grow up. We begin to fail at endeaveurs and give up. Other people feed into our minds that we are not good enough and we start to believe them.

Fear starts to set in.

Then we become afraid to even try for the fear of failing.

The time is now for you to dig deep down and find the inner you…

The child that still resides inside that refuses to give up…

The part of you where failure is not an option.

Find the six year old girl that first tried to roller skate and bust her butt doing so…

Or how about the five year old boy that broke a limb trying to climb a tree…

Or whatever it is that you did as a child that you overcame due to fear being a non factor and success being more important to you than breathing itself.

That is the you that will succeed online.

Can you find that child within?

Be Fierce, Not Fearful.
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