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21, Livinging In A Studio, Eating Oodles Of Noodles

I was watching a video on Facebook where Billie Gene, a Facebook marketing genius himself, was interviewing multi millionaire marketer Chris Record on FB live.

On the video, Chris spoke of how he remembers when he was 21, living in a 200 sq. ft studio with a friend and they were struggling to make ends meet. It was so bad that they ate Oodles of Noodle, better known as Ramen Noodles, every day.

He said any little bit of money that he acquired he would debate whether he should buy food, pay bills or put it back into his marketing business.

He would then decide that he would just continue to sacrifice and put the money into learning his MLM and online marketing.

Chris Record Breaks The Code

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By the time Chris Record was 25, he had taught himself how to build websites and would charge people $300 to do it for them. Then he went on to learn how to rank those websites.

With this skill, he would charge people $1000 to rank their websites for them.

Then he realized that he could be using that skill to rank his own websites… And that’s where he broke the code.

Chris Record started building little websites, putting articles on the site and adding Google Adsense as a way to monetize the site.

He went from $100 a day… Then $200 a day… to $300 and suddenly he was making 6 figures online.

Once he started making a lot of money, he was able to scale his business to the multi millions that it is today.

Chris Record Gets Out Of The Rat Race

The main thing that Chris Record learned in this journey is that you have to be willing to sacrifice. You have to be willing to do without in order to make it happen.

Especially if you are serious about making money online and getting out of the rat race.

So many people think it’s going to be easy.

They want to get online, join a program or buy a product and just start watching the money come in.

Unfortunately, that is not how it works.

You have to invest in yourself, find a skill and master it, and then take action and do what you learned.

That’s the way all of the “gurus” you see online have done it.

They found a skill on how to make money online, bought a course on that skill and took action.

If you are not wiling to invest, learn and then do what you have learned, then you are wasting your time. Period!

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